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Enviro-Seal is a environmentally friendly blocking fluid\ Sealant for waterless urinals.

  • Ensures effective operation off waterless urinals
  • 100% natural and environmentally friendly
  • Unique Aussie bush smell for your washrooms
  • Available in 1 Litre, 2 Litre and 5 Litre bottles

Highly recommended to be used in conjunction with Envirofriendly’s UrinalKleen or Water Minimization Program

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Innovative Liquid Waste Solutions

Tundra Trap

” A frigid wasteland”        

 Tundra Trap™ – Aust Patent No. 2012101773

A tailored Waste Management Program using the latest Innovative waste management solutions to reduce pollutants discharged to the sewer system from grease traps thus saving on already rising trade waste fees.

We proved it by lowering levels to 1/15th

Read more about the latest piece in waste management solutions now in our Envirofriendly – Tundra Trap Product Information download

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Innovative Liquid Waste Solutions

Domestic Drainsolv

Domestic Drainsolv:

  • Stops smells
  • Stops blockages
  • Creates the right biological balance in systems to speed up the break down of waste.
  • No stirring, no soaking, no waiting. Ready to use immediately.
  • Works in either a septic system, grey water, grease trap or sewerage treatment plant.
  • Can rejuvenate leach fields (transpiration area)
  • Backed up by ongoing support from over 20 years experience in the industry.
  • Shipped Australia wide.

Please refer to our brochure for more information and our current special offer, if you have any problems with your system we are only to happy to help, please call us on 1800 626 334.

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“Envirofriendly guarantee Domestic Drainsolv to eliminate blockages and bad smells from your drains… if it doesn’t, we’ll refund your investment in full…”

Domestic Drainsolv - offer of sixth month free product

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  • Eliminates odours and improves effective operation of sewage treatment plants
  • Eliminates odours and speeds up breakdown of waste in large – and small – commercial waste dumps
  • Can be used to control liquid and solid waste issues in industrial applications such as factories and service areas
  • Aquabac

    • Controls build up of algae in water features
    • Controls bacteria and promotes healthier fish and marine life
    • Proven success in aquaculture, prawn farms and fish farms – preferably land locked

    Industrial Drainsolv

    • Eliminates odour causing bacteria and speeds up breakdown of waste in sinks, drains, pipe work and grease traps for restaurants, food courts and commercial kitchens
    • Improves pump well operations and prevents blockages and smells in drain lines

    Download our Industrial Brochure

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    • Ensures effective operation of both waterless and flushing urinals in men’s toilets
    • Is proven to reduce flushing cycles to just twice a day
    • Breaks down the waste that causes unsightly blockages
    • Eliminates lingering unpleasant odours in men’s urinals
    • UrinalKleen used with our Water Minimization Program has been used to save water in washrooms by up to 90%

    Download our Water Minimization Program Executive Summary here for more information.

    Contact us today to take advantage of this special offer and make cost savings today like we proved in our Executive Summary!


  • Breaks down dangerous and slippery grease and waste on tiled kitchen and bathroom floors
  • Breaks down mould in showers
  • Controls odours and eliminates blockages in bathroom sinks and drains
  • KontainerKleen

    • Eliminates waste build up and odours in large industrial waste bins and skips
    • Eliminates waste build up and odours in domestic rubbish bins
    • Makes waste skips and bins less attractive to insects

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    Our water consumption for the first quarter using Envirofriendly's Water Minimization Program dropped by 25% compared to the same period the year before.

    Senior Building Services Manager
    Dexus Property Group