Our History

I know that I don’t always think in the same box as most.  I have learned to live with that.

Over 32 years ago, I wanted to build a business to overcome problems that I knew were common in the hospitality industry…. and ….. reduce emissions to the environment.

Problems like these –

  • Smell emissions from kitchen drains and grease traps
  • Drain, grease trap and sewer overflows
  • Ongoing issues with on-site sewage treatment systems

I had enough experience and knowledge to know that those problems can be managed with effective servicing.  Using natural biological microbial waste degraders in the right place at the right time combined with effective servicing works, as clients using our systems for over 30 years have proved.  Premium shopping centres and commercial high rise clients are still continuing to use our services year in, year out.

Now that we have a Government that says it wants to reduce carbon emissions and emissions to the environment.  We have already been doing that in conjunction with our clients for many years.

We have been reducing waste removal costs approved by Local Authorities with the following results –

  • Less waste removal costs
  • Less emissions to the environment
  • Less emissions from waste removal vehicles
  • Less water usage

We are also able to make dramatic water usage savings in washrooms which has the flow on effect of –

  •  Creating less maintenance plumbing costs
  • Minimizing odour emissions and blockages

We also eliminate over-servicing costs of waste contractors backed up by regular assessment of your sites.

So I am amazed that we have been successful in doing all of this for over 30 years and continuing to make it work.

If you would like my assistance with helping you to manage your site more effectively, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ph: (07) 55469322

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Envirofriendly has supplied Drainsolv and their Preventative Maintenance Program since 2002. The program has reduced the number of evacuations of our grease trap per year making considerable cost savings.

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