Domestic Drainsolv

Domestic Drainsolv

Domestic Drainsolv:

  • Stops smells
  • Stops blockages
  • Creates the right biological balance in systems to speed up the break down of waste.
  • No stirring, no soaking, no waiting. Ready to use immediately.
  • Works in either a septic system, grey water, grease trap or sewerage treatment plant.
  • Can rejuvenate leach fields (transpiration area)
  • Backed up by ongoing support from over 20 years experience in the industry.
  • Shipped Australia wide.

Please refer to our brochure for more information and our current special offer, if you have any problems with your system we are only to happy to help, please call us on 1800 626 334.

Download our Domestic Brochure

“Envirofriendly guarantee Domestic Drainsolv to eliminate blockages and bad smells from your drains… if it doesn’t, we’ll refund your investment in full…”

Domestic Drainsolv - offer of sixth month free product

Contact us now for more information about how Domestic Drainsolv and how Envirofriendly can help your domestic septic or sewerage treatment system work more effectively.

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Envirofriendly has supplied Drainsolv and their Preventative Maintenance Program since 2002. The program has reduced the number of evacuations of our grease trap per year making considerable cost savings.

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