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It depends on how toxic the waste is!

In general terms applying to facilities management the greatest volume is in general waste.

Is the cheapest rate per kilo or litre the best way to go?

For 35 years I have dealt with this question almost daily. I learnt about triple bottom line a lot of years ago, and realized that was the main aim that I was working on for every client. I am happy to know that I still have clients using our services after almost 30 years.
Waste removal companies make their money from every kilo or litre of waste removed. The more the better.
From a waste treatment perspective we look at each clients site holistically, implementing simple systems that are easily used, minimize wastes, disposal, preventative maintenance and water. Onsite waste treatment and recycling where applicable are used combined with ongoing management by assessing that systems are used consistently and properly and reporting back to operations management.
We help you manage your site and produce triple bottom line results.
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We have used Envirofriendly's for over 6 years. Following their instructions and advise we decreased greasetrap evacuations. This has saved us money, and importantly reduced blockages we get in drainlines.

Maintenance Supervisor
Westfield Carindale