Men’s Washrooms: Cut urinal deep cleaning costs by over 88%


Here’s how we help you manage washroom facilities and cut costs…

Recently while meeting an existing customer who has been a valued client since 2011 raised concerns about occasional smells and slow running drains in the urinals in the Men’s Washrooms. The site in Melbourne utilizes our Water Minimization Program in the Men’s Washrooms for treating the urinals to reduce odours and blockages as well as making vital water savings with reduced flushing. The building is a multi level high rise commercial office building with high tenant traffic using the 30 urinals on site.

After some further research we discovered that the last time a deep clean had been carried out on any of the urinals was prior to the commencement of our program back in 2011. We recommended that deep cleans be carried out throughout the building to remove any build up of organic waste that might be causing the odours and drains to run slowly.

We liaised with a local commercial plumber for them to quote for deep cleans to be done throughout the whole building. On receiving this quote the Facility Managers weren’t at all keen to proceed due to the high costs and the inconvenience it causes to the tenants. Due to the regular use of our biological products at this site our Water Minimization Program degrades and softens up the organic waste in the pipes and is a lot easier to remove than normal and the use of a jet rodder wasn’t necessary. After speaking to the plumber and organizing a trail run the plumber could carry out a deep clean with a standard hose with a high pressure nozzle making it easier for the plumber and cutting the cost of the work by over 80% for this site.

Major developments that have saved thousands of dollars include:

  • Riverside Centre Brisbane
  • 383 Kent Street Sydney
  • 818 Bourke Street Docklands
  • 800 Bourke Street Docklands
  • 44 Market Street Sydney
  • MLC Centre Sydney

If you have particular problems we want to help you. We will design a solution for you… and… if it doesn’t work it will cost you NOTHING.

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