Drought: Remember the pain and cost reducing water last time? Do it easy this time…

Be green… and… pro-active

Our Washroom Water Minimization Program Can Help

Australia is one of the driest continents on Earth, large swathes of eastern Australia have been in drought for periods ranging from a year to seven years. With the record dry conditions and an increasing population increasing pressure on our precious natural water sources and therefore greater pressure on water infrastructure and costs. We need to reduce water usage Australia wide.


” Our water consumption for the first quarter using Envirofriendly’s Water Minimization Program dropped by 25% compared to the same period the year before.”

Senior Building Services Manager, Dexus Property Group

Property owners and professional management companies are wanting to increase their buildings environmental ratings. including Global Property Trust, Dexus, Westifield and Jones Lang LaSalle are some long term clients.

We provide a management program.

Envirofriendly’s Water Minimization Program is designed for both flushing or waterless urinals to reduce odours, and blockages in urinals in Men’s Washrooms. No unpleasant regular tasks in urinal drains to change products or unclog things to keep them functioning.

As part of our Water Minimization Program, Envirofriendly will each month supply our specifically designed UrinalKleen for the sites cleaners to use for cleaning and no extra functions to normal washroom cleaning are required.

Envirofriendly inspect the site regularly to ensure the cleaners are trained and using the product correctly. We also liaise with the Building Manager and Cleaning Manager to determine and problems onsite and areas that may need improving and… help you manage your building by eliminating problems like smells and blockages in drains and urinals.

This is backed up by our 25 years of history in the industry and regular ongoing assessments with reports supplied to our clients as part of the program.

Major developments that have saved thousands of dollars include:

  • Riverside Centre Brisbane
  • 818 Bourke Street, Melbourne
  • Westfield Shopping Centres
  • 44 Market Street, Melbourne

Download our Executive Summary here it shows the impact before and after our Water Minimization Program.

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Our water consumption for the first quarter using Envirofriendly's Water Minimization Program dropped by 25% compared to the same period the year before.

Senior Building Services Manager
Dexus Property Group