Do you need to slash essential expenses?

A few years back I got a call from an associate of mine. He told me that he was working with a company that had designed a food waste digestor. Designed to digest 250kg of food waste a day. He wanted me to help ensure that it worked consistently.

I prepared some biological products for him and asked him to try it and tell me how it went. He rang back a few days later and told me that, that worked well, I now want to degrade 500kg per day.

Now there are a number of 1000kg per day units working in food factories and larger supermarkets.

Commercial waste disposal costs are now based on weight. Food waste is one of the heavier fractions.
Can I help you reduce essential costs by eliminating food waste disposal costs from your waste disposal costs?

If we can help please contact us.

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Our water consumption for the first quarter using Envirofriendly's Water Minimization Program dropped by 25% compared to the same period the year before.

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