KontainerKleen makes a difference to one major Brisbane hospital creating a cleaner environment…


A leading Brisbane hospital has been using KontainerKleen and Envirofriendly’s tailored BinWash Program since 2003 to prevent vinegar fly infestation that in the past has disturbed the hospitals operating theaters during the summer months.


  • Reduces waste build up and odours in large industrial waste bins and skips
  • Minimizes waste build up and odours in domestic rubbish bins
  • Makes waste skips and bins less attractive to insects and flys
Tried, tested & proven over the last 10 years from the kitchen waste bins right through to the commercial waste compactor!


To learn more about KontainerKleen and how a tailored made bin wash program can help your business, talk to Envirofriendly today to assist your business run smoother and create a cleaner working environment both for your employees and customers.

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Envirofriendly was a smart waste management decision for us. The products work well and it's saving us money.

Tim Michaels
Queens Plaza Brisbane