Cut costs to 1/15th …and… minimize your impact on our environment with Tundra Trap and Envirofriendly


Tundra Trap™ – Aust Patent No. 2012101773


Pollutants discharged to the sewer system from grease traps will drop markedly thus saving on Trade Waste fees. 

Our products will extend grease trap evacuations by more than 25%.

Read more about the latest piece in waste management solutions now in our Envirofriendly – Tundra Trap Product Information download

Contact us now for more information about Tundra Trap and how Envirofriendly can help your business.

Innovative Liquid Waste Solutions

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Our water consumption for the first quarter using Envirofriendly's Water Minimization Program dropped by 25% compared to the same period the year before.

Senior Building Services Manager
Dexus Property Group