CSIRO Prove Tundra Trap

Tundra Trap™ – Aust Patent No. 2012101773

Tundra Trap is a tailored Waste Management Program using the latest Innovative waste management solutions to reduce pollutants discharged to the sewer system from grease traps thus saving on already rising trade waste fees.

Tundra Trap was designed to more effectively trap wastes.

Designed to utilise the inertial effects within the gravitational separator to prevent short circuiting and increase the fluid element path length. This will maximise the: rate of coalescence, buoyancy effect and retention time; to trap a greater amount of waste. Reducing your impact upon the environment.

AND …. Saving money by reducing smells, and drain line and sewer blockages.


If you have high effluent charges, regular sewer blockages or simply want to save money on grease trap evacuations contact us today for your FREE PROPOSAL

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Envirofriendly has supplied Drainsolv and their Preventative Maintenance Program since 2002. The program has reduced the number of evacuations of our grease trap per year making considerable cost savings.

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