Why our Water Minimization Program is good for you!!


  • Biological products degrade the waste that causes odours and blockages.
  • Water savings achieved from bacteria degrading the wastes reduce the need for flushing, a reduction of up to 75% per washroom.
  • Reduction in maintenance required by plumbers clearing slow running urinals or doing costly deep cleans.
  • Tailored program to make sure you get full advantage of our program with regular system checks and written reports to you.
  • Continues to work in the sewer system. This lowers your impact on our environment even more.comparison chart
  • Contact us now for more information on how we can cut your costs or your FREE PROPOSAL

    Innovative Liquid Waste Solutions

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We have used Envirofriendly's for over 6 years. Following their instructions and advise we decreased greasetrap evacuations. This has saved us money, and importantly reduced blockages we get in drainlines.

Maintenance Supervisor
Westfield Carindale